After having worked as a Graphic Design Intern at Editorialist the year before, I was called back to be a Junior Designer on this year's September issue. With this promotion, I was able to take complete creative direction in the spreads below, along with create a few illustrations for stories such as The Future of Fashion. My biggest responsibility this issue was the Accessories Index, which is a 25-30 page section that covers every trend that was the runway that season. That said, it was not only a huge project creatively but also logistically, having to figure out which trend fit well with which. Below are a few of my favorites!

fw18 beauty2.jpg
fw18 beauty 1.jpg
fw18 beautyspread.jpg
fw18 ad 1.jpg
fw18 index operner.jpg
index 2.jpg
fw18 index 1.jpg
index 3.jpg